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If you can’t read the 8th one it says: ‘When it didn’t even have a name for it’

Also if you don’t understand what’s going on basically, at the moment. The Daniel Rigby fandom is quite small but however, this man is on the rise. So when he becomes as big as Benedict Cumberbatch or someone, I’ll be part of the few people to say: ‘I was part of that fandom, when it was small and hardly anyone knew about him.’ I also apologise for the three ‘and more’s. That was an accident, it was meant to only be two but oh well. Can’t really change it now.

Have a nice day.

Do you still like Daniel Rigby, or has that phase gone by the by? Anonymous

Ok…This is quite random… lol but yes, seeing as though I have a fangirly fit every time one of the BT Adverts come on the TV, I still watch Eric and Ernie regularly and pray for the day that I can meet him and be in his company again…I’d say that I still love Daniel Rigby yes,…and the ‘phase’ hasn’t gone by :) A Daniel is for life, not just for Christmas ;) haha!
Thanks random anon…haven’t even been on here for ages, have I? Thank Uni for that… :/

There’s a little girl waiting in a garden. She’s going to wait a long while, so she’s going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story.

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I haz a new blog entry…

Go nuts!!! ;)

Cook, W. (2005). Eric Morecambe Unseen: The Lost Diaries Jokes and Photographs. 

Cook, W. (2005). Eric Morecambe Unseen: The Lost Diaries Jokes and Photographs. 

New Blog Entry Me’ Dears!

This one is based on old vs. new comedy :) Enjoy! (to the best of your ability anyway)

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